Mercy at Kereita Forest.


The day began well. Our journey to The Forest begun at nine o’clock. We were all excited about the tree planting event. We travelled through the city centre and into the diaspora where the cold was chilly, the way all foggy and the place full of trees. We could only see just few steps, the visibility was vague. The tree planting exercise begun just a few minutes after we arrived  and took a sumptuous breakfast with relish. We walked down in groups; Pine, Eucalyptus, Cedar and other groups. The activity was fun because we got to know new people, danced to the beat and also played. Climbing the hilly places was an uphill task but because we were many, we managed successfully. Planting the tress was so fun since some were energetic enough to sing as we worked, this gave us the moral to work harder. After some time, we had to adjourn the exercise and head back to the tent where we ate a tasty meal and took del monte juice. Unfortunately, everything that has a beginning has an end; Indeed it was time to go back home. Having made new friends, planting trees and had fun, I was reluctant a bit but I went anyway. Had a fun day!


Mercy at Othaya, Nyeri county.

This story is quite a long and interesting one but i will try my best to summarize the travel. The journey to Othaya was quite long but very interesting. I loved the beautiful scenery of the central part of Kenya where the Kikuyu community are found mostly. I could not stop enjoying the wonderful hills, mountains, valleys, rivers and the vast experiences. Indeed, God created the universe in a special way. I was able to visit Muranga and Nyeri county and they are mostly similar in terms of climatic conditions.


The truth of the matter is that Nokras hotel is a fabulous hotel to relax, listen to some soothing live band, enjoy the breeze and eat to your fill. If you are looking for a place to spend your holiday or weekend, look no further. I loved the hospitality of the management and lastly, the design of the hotel fascinated me. I realized that the hotel building is built in such a way that it resembles a whole landscape, one that describes the features you come across as you go up the hill and down the valley. Culture too is evident in this hotel because I saw beautifully curved art of various people doing their normal day-to-day activities.

Chinga dam and Aberdare forest.

Most of Othaya town is well tarmacked which allows all tourists to visit the vast forest of Aberdare. This forest is a home for a lot of animals and has quite a number of indigenous trees. Just close to the forest is a large dam known as Chinga Dam which brings great satisfaction to the mind and soul. I had a chance to boat ride and it was amazing. The people of that area are warm and I enjoyed every bit of being in Othaya.

Mercy at Inter county Gardens Hotel,Kitui.

Kitui county is a fast growing county in-spite of the many challenges encountered which include drought among others. Amidst all the semi-arid effect of the area, the county has ensured that there are various forms of entertainment to residents, tourists and students who study within and without the town. I was able to visit Inter county Gardens hotel of Kitui which is few meters away from Kitui town. The services provided are good, the hospitality received is appreciated and the most fascinating activity is swimming in the beautiful pool. I must admit, I enjoyed!

Mercy at Bomet.

The travel to Bomet begun early in the morning.  The distance is quite far but interesting.  We started at Kajiado county then Nairobi county where traffic is an issue. Then,  now to the outskirts of Nairobi,  Limuru,  Maimahiu. This is where you just look at the beautiful escarpments with awe and wonder. You thank God for IMG_20180817_095946.jpghis perfect creation.  Then we went down to Narok county where the maasai dominate,  it is not uncommon to find cattle crossing the roads,  zebras and antellopes because of the Savannah grassland vegetation.  Then,  not forgetting the maasai Mara national park,  home of the wild animals. The journey goes on to Longisa,  where the kalenjin community begins to dominate the area,  then Bomet county. This county is currently governed by Joyce Laboso.  The county has slowly  developed and investors have seen potential in agriculture and  business. The land is fertile with reliable rainfall,  the red volcanic soils suitable for tea,  maize,  beans and other crops.  There are rivers that separate to sloppy areas. Bomet is home and a perfect site to explore.IMG_20180817_101541IMG_20180817_085619.jpgIMG_20180816_094732.jpgIMG_20180816_093342.jpg

Mercy at Hill park Hotel, Nairobi.

Hillpark Hotel is situated in lower hill, Nairobi. I cannot find words to describe the beauty, serenity and the peace in that environment. We went for a two-day conference at Hillpark hotel where we were discussing on matters environment; How to use social media as a platform to create environmental awareness. The event was organized by the Ministry of Environment. We started off on a Thursday morning where we had a sumptuous breakfast, some tea, cookies, samosas and cakes. The meeting was started off with a word of prayer after which we had presentations all the way till evening from different people from the ministry and other environmental institutions. Of course in between we had ten o’clock tea, lunch and four oclock tea break. Supper was here plus checking in to our rooms. Boy oh boy, the rooms were super hot, very executive and the staff in that hotel were extremely hospitable. We had hot showers, sauna, steam bathes, swimming, gym, massage and the tasty meals. Talk about heaven on earth. I couldn’t believe i was still in Nairobi. In general, the meeting was successful and we learnt how to use social media as a platform of passing on information that we learn at school, books and internet on environmental issues.

message was: sensitization on social media content .2018-06-21 21.10.55

Mercy at Magadi, Kajiado.

Magdi is located in the Sout West of Nairobi. Average population of Magadi is 980 people , that explains the scattered settlement in the area. This area is well known for its soda ash production and tourist visit the  area often because of the Lake Magadi and soda ash mining. The area is cool and dry, covered with shrubs and thickets, has alluvial soil, presence of sedementary  and igneous rocks and several interlocking spurs.

2018-06-17 08.52.43.jpg

Our journey begun at 7 oclock at Kiserian town. I was so excited about the journey. We went down the slopes and as we went down, the temperatures increased gradually. The trees were scarce, mostly trees that are adapted for semi-desert conditions. The road was narrow, maybe because few vehicles traverse along that road. I saw the Maasai people, they build manyattas to live in and a section is seperated for their animals to graze, their attire is appealing and their culture is still upheld.

2018-06-17 10.28.12.jpg


There were so many people who had arrived and seated in the tent. There was the Minister for Environment, County officials, Deputy govenor and MCAs of the region, the maasai community represented, environmental groups such as NEMA, KWS, TEK, KMD, the neighbouring community, neighbouring High schools and the host Primary school students, Oldonyonyokie Primary School.  We planted the trees in the school compund, matched with the band and listened to the speeches of that day. We were also able to climb a hill, talk about having fun. The photographs taken were so many, I cant find words to explain the experience.

Mercy at Kiserian, Kajiado.

Lets go green people, It is our time to make green our country.

Kiserian town is a fast growing town with so many business people and others residing in the area. The area is almost meteorolopolitan with the original Maasai community being slowly absorbed.  The town, however, is facing a major challenge of waste management. We therefore had an opportunity to go do some clean up exercise with the community and other environmental groups such as NEMA.

I believe in change, I also believe that it begins with you and I. Let us strive to be clean, to go green and to love our country, Kenya.

After a hard working day, we went took a break and prepared for the next day in Kajiado where we were to go to Magadi for a tree planting exercise. The day was successful and eventful.Message was BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT.2018-06-16 12.45.51.jpg


The event started at around 9 am in the morning. We all gathered at KMTC old administration for a briefing before the exercise begun. The ladies and gentlemen at the KMTC were well dressed in blue dresses and navy-blue sweaters, and white shirts, maroon ties and black trousers respectively. The students looked so full of life, so energetic and very discipline, that is one factor that stood out. We formed groups and we were lucky to work with a section of the students just outside their gate, opposite Nairobi hospital along Ngong road. The clean up exercise and tree planting was well done. I was encouraged by how people were so passionate, I mean, nobody was forced to do anything. The self drive moved me a lot.